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Because of domain issues and needing to be a part of social networking scene, our name was already taken. So, like life we needed to make a change.

We still are the great place to get wonderful “one-of” treasures. Today someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure and saves animals and the earth.  Come explore the mini-stores within a store concept.


Our yellow house, once a store, is a 100 year grand old lady and was perfect for storage. When we expanded the whole gray store for our new growth, she didn’t fit the city codes. So, being in need for seasonal storage, we turned her over to act as that type of facility.

If you haven’t been to us in a while, you will see the corner store goes all the way back for your purchasing enjoyment.


Because we are a non-profit, donation based organization, we wanted people to remember, while they were purchasing, that the monies go to the aid and support of our animals. So, the rooms were named for dogs and cats, a little levity for shoppers. “Buster’s Book Nook” is a delightful beagle who over see’s our cozy book, CD, DVD store. “Pinky’s Passport Apparel” is a charming Poodle representing the front room fashion elegance for sale. Our retail fashion space and basket sale area in back is now “Chloe’s Closet”. A striking Calico Cat watches shoppers. And “Dashing Hound” is our expanded men’s section.

A new space for the store this summer was our indoor and outdoor garden area. Gaia, a regal Siamese cat, represented the serenity of the garden. The cat and dog resale section was completely revamped and served many pet travelers this summer. “Tuffy’s Tech” store, with a stalwart Bull Dog watching, was all cleaned up and made easy to find the best of our technical appliances. Brought back by popular demand we have the DIY store for Do-it-yourselfers and home puttering types. Added to that was a lot of camping, sports and small appliance gear. Outdoor sales were a huge hit!