• 2019 OCHS Board of Directors Election

  • Board of Directors Nomination Process & Timeline

    February 27th, Nomination Announcement Meeting
    April 2nd, FINAL Date For Nominations
    April 19th, Bulk Mailing To All Members of Candidate Information & Ballots
    May 4th, Meet & Greet Nominees Meeting
    June 1st, FINAL Date for Ballots To Be Returned
    June 22nd, Annual Meeting To Announce New Board Members
    July 1st, ***** Newly elected board takes over *****

    Download the timeline here: NominationTimeline2019

  • If you are interested in seeking election to the Oregon Coast Humane Society Board of Directors, please complete this Candidate Form. A fully completed Candidate Form must be received by no later than 4:00 p.m. on or before April 2, 2019. Be sure to allot enough time for delivery if you send your application by mail. Directors of Charitable Organizations have certain legal responsibilities. For more information, you may wish to review the Attorney General’s Guide to Board Service which is available from the Oregon Department of Justice website or by calling that office at 971-673-1880.

    Candidate Forms can be mailed to:

    Oregon Coast Humane Society
    Attn: Shauna Robbers, President
    2840 Rhododendron Dr
    Florence, OR 97439

    You may also deliver your Candidate Form in person to the Oregon Coast Humane Society Shelter, 2840 Rhododendron Dr., Florence, open everyday between the hours of 11 am – 4 pm.
    Please note that the information provided in this Candidate Form will be provided to members for the special election and posted to OCHS’ s website. Do not include information that you do not want released to the OCHS membership


    You must be an active OCHS Member to participate.

    To become an OCHS member, please go here: Membership Form