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    Executive Director Job Description PDF


    Position Title: Executive Director

    Accountable to: Board of Directors

    Purpose of Position
    The Executive Director serves as the dynamic liaison between the Board of Directors, the Shelter Staff, the Thrift Store Staff and the Community. The E.D. will be expected to direct the administrative, financial, managerial, and supervisory activities necessary to uphold the Mission Statement, policies, and goals of OCHS, consulting with the Board of Directors in making decisions for the highest interest of the organization.

    Duties and Responsibilities
    In accordance with organizational policies, duties include but are not limited to:

    • Developing and implementing, in conjunction with the BOD, a strategic plan designed to accelerate the Mission and Direction of OCHS for long-term success and viability
    • Planning, organizing and directing programs that carry out OCHS goals as established by the BOD, and ensuring these meet community needs
    • Establishing and directing operational procedures of OCHS
    • Being responsible for the oversight of all operations
    • Seeking out and maintaining community contacts with professional, government, media, and civic organizations on behalf of OCHS, maintaining memberships and networks
    • Representing OCHS as the chief spokesperson.
    • Ensuring compliance of OCHS to all applicable laws, regulations, licensures and accreditation standards
    • Supporting the staff needs of OCHS, including employees and volunteers of the Shelter and the Thrift Store. This includes periodic performance reviews, safety meetings, cross-training, and salaries
    • Overseeing the handling, treatment, well-being, and care of all animals admitted to the care of OCHS
    • Managing the recruitment, hiring, development, employment, evaluation and discharge of all employees
    • Creating and coordinating annual and long-term fund development plans
    • Controlling and monitoring all purchases and managing other fiscal and property resources in coordination with the BOD
    • Managing the maintenance of facilities, grounds and equipment
    • Preparing an annual budget, in conjunction with the Finance Committee, operating OCHS within the limits of the total approved budget, and informing the BOD of the monthly financial status
    • Negotiating contracts and other business matters approved by the BOD, including research and preparation of grant applications
    • Preparing reports and other records as required by the BOD
    • Acts for OCHS in designated matters pertaining to bequests, estates, contracts, donations and other concerns
    • Overseeing OCHS fund-raising and marketing programs, fostering and maintaining relationships with the community, media, donors, and potential donors. Being available to meet and explain the OCHS Mission, philosophy and long-range goals
    • Meeting regularly with BOD to present reports and apprise them of important issues, problems, and new ideas, assisting various committees with their assignments, serving as liaison between the governing body and OCHS Staff
    • Supervising and directing OCHS vendors, contractors and consultants to assure performance under their agreements, and ensure satisfactory relationships exist between OCHS counsel, Insurance agents, consultants, accountants, vendors and media

    Controls Over Work

    • The Executive Director works under the general guidance of and is responsible only to the Board of Directors as a group. The ED may delegate duties as appropriate, but the responsibility for the accomplishment of all duties remains with the ED
    • Written performance evaluations will be given after the first 6 months and first 12 months of work, and annually thereafter

    Physical Demands

    • The work may require long periods of sitting at a desk while using office equipment. Irregular hours, including evening and weekend meetings, odd hour emergency call-outs, and community commitments are a normal part of the job.
    • Close proximity to animals, their noises, odors, dander, waste, and other impacts are to be expected.
    • Must be in good physical health, able to climb stairs and work with little supervision, able to work in all weather conditions.

    Work Location: At OCHS Shelter, Thrift Store, and event locations
    Work Hours: Full-Time, Permanent, Salaried, exempt
    Reporting Structure: Reports directly to the Board of Directors


    • Minimum 2 years of animal shelter operations management experience
    • Current working understanding of companion animal care and adoption issues
    • Must have a sincere interest in and knowledge of animal rights issues and animal health care
    • Must have a demonstrated knowledge of organizational and financial procedures for non-profit agencies
    • Must have demonstrated skills in human resource management and strong leadership abilities
    • Must have experience working with and coordinating multiple tasks using staff and volunteers, and accommodating Board and Board Committees in their organizational functions
    • Demonstrated communication abilities to include effective interviewing techniques, public speaking, and ability to communicate effectively with employees and volunteers verbally and in writing
    • Valid Driver’s License is required
    • Background check is required, and references will be contacted

    Email resume to shauna@oregoncoasthumanesociety.org