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Executive Director

Nothing in this position description restricts management’s right to assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to this position at any time.

Purpose of Position

The Executive Director serves as the dynamic liaison between the Board of Directors, the Shelter Staff, Thrift Store Staff and the community. Critical to the organization is the working relationship between the Executive Director and both the Shelter Manager, Volunteer Coordinator, and Thrift Store Manager, who report directly to the Executive Director. The Executive Director will be expected to uphold the mission of OCHS and promote its goals, advising the Board of Directors in making decisions for the best interest of the organization.


Administration and Management:

  1. Ensure the mental and physical health, well-being, and placement of all shelter animals, including maintaining a working relationship with local veterinarians and consulting with them on general and specific matters, as necessary.
  2. Ensure proper disposal of hazardous waste; organized working environment in all areas of the facility; timely completion of all necessary paperwork; excellent customer service; adherence to OCHS policy and guidelines by all staff; treating all client concerns, questions or problems with respect; and that OCHS conforms to all federal, state, county and city laws and ordinances pertaining to animal care and welfare.
  3. Organize regular programs to meet the mission of the organization and the needs of the membership and the public, as approved by the Board of Directors.
  4. Acquisition of materials, supplies and equipment, or direct the same, as the budget specifications warrant. Incur expenditures necessary for the day-to-day operations; advise the Board regarding significant estimates relating to repairs, equipment, staff, training, etc.
  5. Maintain the physical and security needs of the property and all the facilities.
  6. Develop and complete preventative and required maintenance for facility equipment, buildings and grounds.
  7. Maintain professional, working relationships with other animal welfare organizations in an effort to further our cause and realize our mission statement.
  8. Develop and update municipal contracts and recommend pricing to the Board.
  9. Attend municipal board meetings to discuss services provided by OCHS.
  10. Work with the Board’s Finance Committee, Treasurer and/or accountant to prepare the annual budget for submission to the Board of Directors for its consideration and approval.
  11. Develop and maintain adoption and foster programs with the Shelter Manager that support OCHS’ mission and the communities it serves.
  12. Support the Shelter Manager and staff in developing and maintaining website operations. Keep information up-to-date when OCHS makes reports available to the community.

Public Relations and Fundraising:

  1. Oversee activities involving media advertising related to animals available for adoption, clinics, public outreach programs, and general public relations pertaining to OCHS.
  2. Gather articles and reports for OCHS newsletter and the preparation and distribution of the newsletter.
  3. Oversee the research and preparation of grant applications.
  4. Assist the Board of Directors with fundraising activities as required.
  5. Work with the Shelter Manager to prepare reports summarizing shelter statistics, activities completed, personnel/public relations issues, and other information for the Board.
  6. Prepare annual reports that summarize shelter activities.

Personnel Management:

  1. Support all staffing needs of the OCHS, including employees and volunteers. This responsibility includes all aspects of the staffing cycle, including but not limited to the following:
    i. Advertising for and accepting applications for vacant positions
    ii. Interviewing potential candidates
    iii. Making recommendations for hiring
    iv. Periodic performance reviews
    v. Termination of shelter staff
    vi. Periodic safety meetings
    vii. Employee or volunteer medical emergencies
    viii. Compliance with workers compensation laws for the State of Oregon
    ix. Ensuring licensed personnel remain current with CE programs
    x. Tracking of personnel compensated absences and overtime
    xi. Salary surveys and reviews
    xii. Cross-training full-time/regular staff within the OCHS

2. Support the development of job descriptions for all employees.

Level of Difficulty

1=easy/5=demanding (physical, mental, emotional)

  • Physical difficulty is rated level 4; requires physical activity on a daily basis. Must be in good physical health with no allergic condition which might be aggravated by exposure to animals. Works in proximity to and sometimes interacts directly with confined or loose animals. Animal noises, odors, and other impacts from such an environment are to be expected.
  • Mental difficulty is rate 4; requires ability to assess skills of and oversee staff; requires training in protocols and procedures with the expectation that they will be followed; involves working with little supervision and problem solving as needed.
  • Emotional difficulty is rate 5; requires ability to oversee volunteers; requires ability to cope with a highly emotionally-charged environment with animals who are homeless, abandoned and/or abused; requires reacting calmly under stress

Work Location

At the OCHS Shelter and various event locations.

Work Hours

Hours negotiable. Salaried, exempt.

Reporting Structure

Reports directly to Board of Directors


  • Minimum two years of animal shelter operations management experience.
  • A current working knowledge of companion animal care and adoption issues
  • An understanding of compliance issues involving pertinent federal, state and local regulations
  • Strong management skills and interpersonal skills with the staff and the public
  • Strong motivational skills
  • Knowledge of animal health and well-being to include nutrition needs, knowledge of common animal diseases, animal first aid and CPR, etc. Ability to identify animal species, breeds, ages and sexes. Ability to identify signs of animal illnesses and injuries.  Ability to ensure and enforce safety procedures in high risk situations when feeding, transferring or restraining pets.
  • Demonstrated communication abilities to include effective interviewing techniques, public speaking and ability to communicate effectively with employees and others in writing and verbally.
  • Work schedule and hours may vary; evenings and weekends may be required.
  • Valid driver’s license required.
  • Background check required.

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Please send resume, cover letter, and salary requirements to bob@oregoncoasthumanesociety.org